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Safety guidelines for online dating

Safety guidelines for online dating

Giving someone your full name in your profile — or even before you meet — immediately gives them digital access to your background. Don't Reveal Who You Work For Giphy If you like myself are proud of the way you get to make money, then you probably want to shout it from the figurative mountaintops, and that's perfectly understandable. That said, when it comes to your online dating profileDavis suggests keeping things as vague as possible.

If you want to safely date online, it's imperative that all of your first dates happen in safety guidelines for online dating spaces. So while there's something romantic and environmentally-conscious about sharing a ride with someone, when it comes to online datingit's always ideal to either drive yourself or take public transportation instead.

Protect yourself by saving the joint car rides for a later date. It's way too easy for someone to run a Google image search on your photos, and in turn, find out a whole crap-ton of personal information about you.

So no matter how strong your Instagram game is, make sure the selfies you use in your online dating profile can't be found anywhere else on the Internet.

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Don't Give Your Full Name Until After A First Date. Don't Reveal Who You Work For. Don't Overdo It On The Booze. Don't Use Facebook Or Instagram Photos In Your Profile.

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