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Kai and bomi dating rumor

Kai and bomi dating rumor

Yep, some time ago this news suddenly went viral! Because Dispatch managed to record the moment when Jennie Exo Kai & Blackpink was in the same car, and not.

In an interview way back inshe said she has no dating experience. Kai and Krystal's ski trip 1. This didnt get aired but appear on fancams trough Youtube and sparks controversy. Leave a Reply Cancel kai exo and bomi apink dating Your email address will not be published.

It's just so random That notwithstanding they felt very happy for her. Members of Apink have never been out with their relationships and try to keep it secret if there is any.

Not sure if they're still dating.

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EXO and Apink rumor today! Kai and Bomi are dating Kai and Naeun are dating I really hope is Kai and Naeun~ Though I hope if they reveal it, Apink and. There's a reason why Jinnabit is acting like that. This was speculated in various news outlets and on the web for some time, but Bomi denied.

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