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Who is andy dating from the bachelorette

Who is andy dating from the bachelorette

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'Everything looks good!' The Bachelorette's Angie Kent is left speechless as Ciarran Stott strips naked during a group date.

doesn't appear to be dating anyone. The former Bachelorette star chose. NEW YORK, Once you've been on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” dating without cameras trailing your every move has got to be.

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In FebruaryAndi confirmed that she was the "last single standing" in a tweet to fellow Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti. Unless Andi is dating someone very casually and it's really new, Andi is single right now. Andi was a lawyer before she was Bachelorette, so we knew she was smart. But who knew she could write, too?

It's Not Okay details how things went down on The Bachelorette and what happened afterward to make her and Josh Murray break up. She alleges he was mentally and emotionally abusiveespecially after he found out that she slept with Nick Viall during their Fantasy Suite date. Josh has always denied these allegations.

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